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Alpaca Sponsorship

You can sponsor any alpaca that is one year old or older from our farm.
Cost: $250

Once you've chosen your alpaca, email us at [email protected] or message us on Facebook to let us know who'd you'd like to sponsor, and we'll send you an invoice via email or by post mail (whichever you prefer).

- Michelle, from A Tangled Mess Angoras & Crafts, will be the one skirting, washing, and carding the sponsorship fleeces and also making the handmade felted sheets and dryer balls. We are very grateful that A Tangled Mess Angoras & Crafts has partnered up with us on this, without her help we couldn't do it all!

What does an Alpaca Sponsorship include?
A picture of your alpaca
A small informal write up about your alpaca
2 handmade felted sheets, 1 batt (carded fiber for spinning or felting), and 3 dryer balls all made from your alpaca's fiber
3 felting needles
1 foam felting pad
4 oz. of felting fiber in a variety of dyed & natural colors
1 free Felting Farm Tour with up to 6 people that can be scheduled May through October. You'll all get to hand feed the alpacas, learn how to needle felt, and get the opportunity to make a 5”x7” needle felted picture with alpaca fiber.

Please note that we shear in April and then need time to skirt, wash, card, and make your felted sheets. Our goal is to hand you your items after you come out for your farm tour. Farm tours can be scheduled May through October, please email me to set up a day and time. We are very busy with weekend markets in September & October and there are many weekends we won't be available to do farm tours during those 2 months. Email: [email protected]

Are you interested in being a fiber farmer?
You can sponsor 3 alpacas for $750 and get a $500 voucher towards the purchase of 2 alpacas or more from our farm! Sponsoring 3 alpacas will also give you a great start to your future fiber business. You'll get 6 felted sheets (2 from each alpaca), 3 batts for spinning or felting (1 from each alpaca), 9-12 dryer balls (3-4 from each alpaca), 9 felting needles, 3 foam felting pads, and 12 oz. of felting fiber in a variety of dyed & natural colors. Plus you'll get 3 Felting Farm Tours with up to 6 people each time!! That's 3 free chances to come out and make a 5”x7” needle felted picture and meet the herd. A great opportunity to learn a new art skill that's easy and fun, and see if alpacas are a good fit for you.

Why sponsor an alpaca?
Why not? Look at what you get! Plus, your sponsorship helps us cover some of our costs, so we can continue to offer free admission at our Alpaca Beach Parties and other events on the farm. With rising costs, we could really use your support! Part of this year's sponsorship money will also help fund equipment that will enable us to make large felted alpaca sheets right here in the Midwest! We're excited to partner with A Tangled Mess Angoras & Crafts to bring you Two Ladies Tangled Felts!

As a bonus, if you pick a pregnant female, you get to come out after she gives birth and name her cria!

Here is a list of the alpacas still looking for someone to sponsor them in 2023:

Huacaya females still available: none

Huacaya males still available: Metro and Bocote

Suri females still available: Rambina , Johnnie (pregnant), Bun Bun, Prelude, Dorothy, Dalila , Allegra, and Tilly (pregnant)

Suri males still available: Chicken Nugget, Pepper-Salt, Spot, GPS, Kibou

**Please note that to make felted sheets with suri fiber, we have to mix a little huacaya or wool in because suri fiber is hard to wet felt on its own, and it turns out better if mixed with huacaya fiber or a little wool.