Little Creek Alpacas

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Alpaca Party

Schedule a day of fun on the farm with your own get together or Alpaca Party!  Learn about alpacas and see all the products we make with their fiber.  We'll start in the red shelter, and I'll show you how we use a hand crank drum carder to prepare our alpaca fiber for spinning and felting.  Next, we'll get cups of grain and hand feed the alpacas.  Once everyone is done feeding the alpacas, you can play on the beach (it will be filled with toys for the kids, unless it's an adult get together), take a walk around the pond, go fishing, paint a rock, and have a picnic - it's up to you what all you want to do!  Our farm store will be open if anyone wants to go shopping.  

$10/person or $100 minimum for 3 hours

Tuesday, April 2, 2024