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Farm Tours

Basic Farm Tour ($10/person) - Learn all about alpacas while we venture out into the pastures in a free range setting.  You will be provided with a cup of grain to hand feed a small group of alpacas with.  After feeding, we'll go to the girls' side where the shelter is.  Inside the shelter, you'll get to see all the products we make with our alpacas' fiber.  I'll demonstrate how to use a drum carder to prepare the fiber for spinning and felting.  The Basic Farm Tour generally lasts 1-2 hours, with 2 hours being the maximum time allowed.  

Felting Farm Tour (8 years old & up) $20/person - For this tour you get to do all the things included in the Basic Tour, plus you get to learn basic needle felting, and make a 5"x7" needle felted picture with alpaca fiber (on a handmade alpaca felt canvas)!  It's lots of fun to "paint with alpaca fiber", and easy to do.  The Felting Farm Tour generally lasts 2-4 hours, depending on how "into it" people get.  The maximum time allowed is 4 hours.  

Alpaca Birthday Party - $250 (up to 10 kids, 8-10 adults) -  Come celebrate your birthday on Sunny Beach with our alpacas!  We have a 3 sided shelter out by the pond area where we can set up tables and chairs for you.  Everyone will be provided with a cup of grain (adults included) and we'll hand feed a group of weanling alpacas.  During this time, you can ask questions and learn all about alpacas.  After that, you can play on the beach, play games, or do what ever you want around the pond area.  We have 2 options for your birthday party guests - kids 8 & older can make a 5"x7" needle felted picture using alpaca fiber (please note, the needles are very sharp & dangerous and not safe for little hands under 8 years old, that is why we put an age minimum on this activity), OR kids any age can make their own sand art necklace or choose a stand up sand art container to create with.  We will ask you when you schedule your birthday party which activity you would like (it will have to be the same activity for all 10 kids).  The Alpaca Birthday Party Package is for up to 4 hours of party fun.  We do not decorate or provide table coverings for the tables.  You are more than welcome to arrive 1 hour ahead of time and decorate yourself.  Food and beverages are allowed.  No smoking and no pets.  Please have all post party clean up done within an hour after the party finishes.  Garbage cans will be provided in the shelter, please tell all your guests not to litter.

We have hospital grade hand wipes, hand sanitizer, and an outhouse available.  There is no hand sink available at this time.

**The best way to contact me to schedule a tour is by email ([email protected]) or through Facebook messenger.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023