Little Creek Alpacas

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Welcome to Little Creek Alpacas!

Welcome to Little Creek Alpacas!

If you'd like to plan ahead for our 2022 season, here is our Alpaca Beach Party schedule:

Sunday, July 17th - 4pm-7pm

Saturday, Aug. 6th - 3pm-7pm
Sunday, Aug. 7th - 12pm-4pm

Saturday, Sept. 24th - 1pm-5pm
Sunday, Sept. 25th - 12pm-4pm
National Alpaca Farm Days - Fiber Art demonstrations, make your own needle felted picture for $10 (ages 10 & up), raffle, and more!

Sun., October 16th - 1pm-4pm Season Finale

**Free admission for all of our 2022 Alpaca Beach Parties! For more information please go to our Facebook page and look up our events (there's not enough room to write it all here).

Information on Farm Tours can be found under the "More" tab.

We've raised alpacas for 15 years and offer mentoring and continued customer support with each alpaca purchase. We want you to be happy and successful in your alpaca endeavor!

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the most up to date information as well as shows we will be attending and/or events we may be holding.

We are a small family farm located in Plymouth, IL - just 26 miles southwest of Macomb, IL and an hour east of the Iowa and Missouri borders. We raise Suri and Huacaya alpacas, breeding mostly for appaloosa, pattern, light fawn, white, grey, and black. Lol, I guess we like a little of every color since we're fiber nuts! Our focus in raising our herd is on good health, conformation, and fabulous fiber. We currently sell breeding stock and fiber/pet Suri and Huacaya alpacas, as well as a wide variety of products made from their fleece.

Little Creek Alpacas was born out of a great love for animals and a desire to become more self-sufficient and raise our children in a more spiritual setting. We chose alpacas over other livestock because they are docile, earth friendly, and produce a wonderful, luxurious fiber that is better than cashmere.

There is something special about alpacas that cannot be put into words. Some sort of spiritual sense that helps you to reconnect with your inner self as you sit with them and watch the sun rise or set. From them, my daughters are learning the circle of life. For example, we provide loving care and nourishment for the alpacas; in turn they provide us with fertilizer for our trees, plants, and garden, and also produce wool that can be made into yarn or felt for a variety of useful and wearable items as well as decorative art. The trees and plants then give us the oxygen we need to breathe, the garden gives us the food we need to nourish our bodies, and the winter apparel made from our alpaca yarn keeps us warm and dry in the winter. From this, my children are learning that you get from life what you put into life. And in the end, we are all able to live together in harmony.

Donations to restore the beach & other farm needs